Quick and easy handknitted boardwalk hat


When I was in Cape Town visiting the store of cowgirlblues I couldn’t resist: I had to buy more than just one of their beautiful skeins. I wasn’t sure what to knit back then but back home I decided that the skeins are just perfect for some new hats. For the Sage I wanted a very easy pattern in order to let the colours be the centre of attention. I chose the boardwalk pattern from Elizabeth Pedersen and I was able to finish the hat within three evenings. Despite other knitters complaining that there was a need to adjust the pattern a little to make the hat big enough I had no problems at all – there was no need to change anything and it fits perfectly. For everybody who wants to try – do it! And the best thing: this pattern is even fro free. 🙂


New handknitted Sweater


It took me about five weeks to knit this sweater and I enjoyed every minute of it. The pattern is called Nutmeg Ginger and I had it in my wishlist for quite a while, since I liked the neck of it so much. Finally I started knitting it and I am so happy I did. The pattern is very well written and so easy to follow! I especially liked the knitting of the sleeves since I never started from the top before. First time without any problems attaching the sleeves – yeah! The wool is from me beloved brand Karoo Moon and the colour is called navy.

My seaman’s yarn!


I made a superlarge version of the Dangling Conversation since I wanted to use all of my yarn. Therefore I made some changes in the pattern and kintted the lace pattern in the rows with 50, 70, 86, 102, 114, 126, 134 and 138 stitches before I started with the finishing rows.

Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the wool. I found it on ebay and had to have it. It reminded me of the ocean that becomes darker and darker the deeper you dive in. For four years I was not able to find a suitable pattern for this wool but now I am convinced that the Dangling Conversation was the right choice. The piece is so light and lovely now and I love how you can see the colors running slowly from bright to dark.