Hand knitted sugar coating socks



I got this wool as a thank you for designing some wedding invitations. Not neccessary I would say, but who would say no to this wool from Hedgehock fibres? Not me!
I had to use it instantly. The quality is great and the coulours are just amazing.
I decided for the Glady pattern and started with 72 stitche: I  repeated the second pattern 8 times before starting with the heel. For the foot the repeat was 13 times.

A hike in the Wild Flower Resort


We went hiking the other day since I wanted to see all the wild flowers and especially the proteas that should be in bloom right now. Unfortunately the fires back in June burned everything to the ground…

Quick and easy handknitted boardwalk hat


When I was in Cape Town visiting the store of cowgirlblues I couldn’t resist: I had to buy more than just one of their beautiful skeins. I wasn’t sure what to knit back then but back home I decided that the skeins are just perfect for some new hats. For the Sage I wanted a very easy pattern in order to let the colours be the centre of attention. I chose the boardwalk pattern from Elizabeth Pedersen and I was able to finish the hat within three evenings. Despite other knitters complaining that there was a need to adjust the pattern a little to make the hat big enough I had no problems at all – there was no need to change anything and it fits perfectly. For everybody who wants to try – do it! And the best thing: this pattern is even fro free. 🙂


New handknitted Sweater


It took me about five weeks to knit this sweater and I enjoyed every minute of it. The pattern is called Nutmeg Ginger and I had it in my wishlist for quite a while, since I liked the neck of it so much. Finally I started knitting it and I am so happy I did. The pattern is very well written and so easy to follow! I especially liked the knitting of the sleeves since I never started from the top before. First time without any problems attaching the sleeves – yeah! The wool is from me beloved brand Karoo Moon and the colour is called navy.