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Handknitted Kaipuu


Most of the time I buy to much wool, just in caseā€¦. So after finishing a project I have quite some leftovers. I like to look for small projects then. This neckpiece turned out to be perfect for my leftovers from a sweater I knitted last year!
I love love love the wool – it is so high quality and the colouring is so special.
The pattern is well written. It was the very first time I knitted a lace pattern and I understood everything (okay except the picot edge – I needed some help from youtube there) just fine. Since I knitted with leftovers I ran out of wool after repeating the lace pattern for the thrid time – therefore my kaipuu is a little shorter than in the pattern but I think it sitll looks great.

Handknitted Cable Beanie


At my stay in Cape Town I found this little store of cowgirlblues and fell in love with the wool they sell immediately. I love the wool- it is so soft and running through your fingers. I wanted to use it for this hat. The pattern is well written and really easy BUT: oh my, my beanie turned out way to small. So I unraveld everything and started again.

The first thing I changed: Using a circular needle instead of double pointed needles. Since you have to increase the stitches at one point there are so many on your needles that I lost stitches more than once.

The second thing I changed: I repeated row 8-21 once to make it longer than in the original pattern.

Now it fits perfectly fine!