THE Octopus!

This pattern was love at first sight. But I waited two years until I was brave enough to start this project and I am so glad I finally did it! I just love the result! It is so cozy and warm – can´t wait to have those chilly winter days.

The pattern is actually easy to follow. I knitted it buttom up even though many knitters here suggested otherwise. I had no problems at all. Thanks to a tip from my friend aphrael I started with a provisorial cast on (so good to know! thanks again!) so that I can add some rows if neccessary. I did the same with the arms.

What troubled me a little was the suggested neck with the short rows. I did not really understand how this should work so I decided to take the easy way out. After row 19 I stopped decreasing the stitches so that I ended up with about 30 stitches more at the end than in the pattern. So I have the the wide neck I wanted (and a plus: I didn´t need to add rows at the arms).

Everybody who wants this sweater: knit it! It is easier and faster done than it looks like.


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