First sewing results


Since my husband came home with a fever on Friday and slept the whole weekend I decided to sew a little. I started sewing about four month ago, so I still make a lot of mistakes and I have to check everything twice. When I visited my family in July I saw the fabric with those foxes and I immediately fell in love with it. My mom bought it for me, but ever since I stored it in my wardrobe – too afraid to use it. But now, with two days time I took my chances with the fabric and the lady serena pattern. For a beginner like me, the written instructions are a little short, but lucky me: there is a great video-tutorial on youtube! Every step is explained very good and it is easy to follow. When I was finished I was a little bit unhappy with the straight line. That´s why I decided to sew one more seam on each side to underline the waist a little more. Now I´m quite happy with the result.

Oh and I also sewed a cardigan with a fabric I bought in East London. It is the cocoon cardigan von liebedinge. So easy to sew and so cozy. There is just one thing I would like to change: I would like to close it but I have no clue how since I don´t want to destroy the fabric. If one of you has an idea – please let me know. 🙂


4 thoughts on “First sewing results

  1. Nice makes! As for the cardigan, it’s the perfect place to showcase some brooches. Be they modern, vintage or just a big safety pin. The latter can be personalised in a variety of ways – beads, fabric, feathers…


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