7 days – 7 pictures

  1. We got our car! Since most of the people are calling me Fran here, her name is Zooey now. We still have no license plate (everything takes a little longer here) but are allowed to drive her. Love it!
  2. Had a wonderful evening at the Beer Yard – a great place with the best beers and ciders in P.E. I tasted four and will definitely come back for the other 25 types of beer. They also make one of the best Veggie Burgers I`ve ever had.
  3. Went to the biggest Mall in town to look for a monitor. Found the biggest TV instead. I wonder if they will put on the European football championship in June…
  4. Received a “big box” from my parents and it was full of surprises. My good old buddy ALF can join us now (I love him since I rescued him from my neighbors trash when I was twelve). I´m also able to take pictures under water now, because my underwater camera was in the box as well. Yippiee!
  5. Got attacked by bunnies (and enjoyed it so much, even so I wasn´t able to take pictures).
  6. Sewed my first skirt ever. It took me nearly three days but I think it is wearable. There are a few thinks I could have done better (Who told me it is no problem to sew a zipper?) and so I will continue practicing. Since I found no pattern of the skirt I had in mind I combined the tutorials of these three skirts (one, two and three) and changed just a few things.
  7. Went to something called Varsity Sing- a choir competition where  12 university choirs battle it out over 13 weeks for top honors in university choral music. I had to sign a NDA so I´m not allowed to talk about it. But I can say that listening to the choirs gave me goosebumps. For those who want to have this feeling to, please have a look here.

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