7 days – 7 pictures

  1. Bought some sport shoes for the very first time in my life. It´s nice to be at a gym where they sell muffins as snacks.
  2. Drank a local beer, that tastet much better than its name indicates.
  3. Went to the moonwalk with some friends. A very big storm hit the coast that night, which is why we only saw clouds most of the time.
  4. Had a photo shooting in the early morning, before sunrise. It was a little bit chilly in the water…
  5. Went to the nature recieve sanctuary close by. I just love the coast here!
  6. Went to a farm in the city. There were hundreds of animals. My camera took a time out that day and scared me a lot. My husband was able to fix it so far. Hope it will work. Fingers crossed.
  7. Were at a pub to watch the Champions League. Since the people here are much more interested in Rugby there were just a few guests and we were the last leaving – at a time when all chairs were already on the tables and they started cleaning.

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